Benny Bernstein
Benny usually makes his clients more money in one race than they do in football, basketball, baseball, and hockey combined. And for a fraction of the bet.

Benny Bernstein


Jockey? Check.
Horse trainer? Check.
Exercise rider? Check.
Jockey agent? Check.
Champion handicapper? Check, Check.

Over the years, Benny Bernstein has been directly involved at all levels of the game. He has become quite the accomplished fixture on the mid-Atlantic horse racing scene. His relationships penetrate deep within the industry. His quest for perfection is endless.

Benny now focuses primarily on information gathering and how it applies to monetizing it at the track. It has become an obsession. And so far, his network’s expertise has been paying off handsomely. Now for the first time ever, Benny Bernstein is going public with his highly accurate, but extremely select picks. The same picks he plays himself.

Membership will open for just a limited time to protect the integrity of the payouts.

Call 1-800-849-6617 or email us today to find out if you qualify for enrollment.

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