Carl Salazar
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Carl Salazar

Elite Pick Program

This is the collection of picks resulting from Carl's propetitary methods built on top of inside industry information, insights from astute handicappers, and abstract statistical analysis of hard data. The results speak for themselves: $100/200 bettors have earned over $300k in this program!

While all experts benefit from Carl's relationships and access to some of the most detailed sports information available, it isn't until Carl gets involved personally when the big success rate surfaces.

Why bet on a single expert's opinion when you have the opportunity to invest into a program that not only gets a consensus from different experts that approach the industry from a wide variety of angles, but uses Carl's algorythms and management to accurately weight these factors on a game by game basis.


After years of watching one of the nation’s top betting syndicates ride his back to millions of dollars in profits using his sophisticated and highly accurate quantitative models, Carl Salazar made the difficult decision to part way.

"The decision was based mostly due to the egos of the controlling partners than for financial reasons," say Carl.

In 2010, Carl went public and BOC Sports was born.

BOC Sports' approach to prognosticating sports has forced odds makers to think twice about their decades long method of creating lines. The pressure that Carl and his associates have put on the Las Vegas and offshore sportsbooks has been immense.

"I can say with confidence that Carl has definitely changed the landscape of the sports betting industry," says a top industry insider whose name has been withheld for confidentiality reasons.

Over the years, as BOC Sports has risen in fame, additional experts have joined the team. Recruiting a team of sharp and relatively unknown outsiders of the industry has allowed Carl to continue to refine his data models, keeping the odds makers on their heels.

Elite Pick Programs

Basketball Program

The best Basketball picks daily with our exclusive ranking system. Investors can see a sampling of BOC Sports’ picks by purchasing a week, month or season of hand selected picks.

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