Dr. Bob Escertia
No one can touch Dr. Bob's results this basketball season...74% Winners Last 8 Weeks!
Dr. Bob Escertia


Picture a cool and modern day Gilbert from Revenge of the Nerds and you've got yourself Bob Escertia. He was awarded a full scholarship to an Ivy League college in his senior year of high school for his excellence in Mathematics and Chemistry, which he ultimately turned down to focus on his cybersecurity consulting company that he started at 16 years old.

Always a fan of football and basketball, Bob employed his skill in mathematical probabilities and calculated outcomes in predicting game outcomes. In the beginning, his found much success and his project was more of a mathematical excursive, not a money-making scheme, and he donated most of his profits to charity. Using publicly available sports information, he devised a methodical system that put him in the high sixty percent success rate. While meeting with clients through his business, his path crossed with a fellow sports bettor who after learning more about Bob's results convinced him to pursue sports betting consulting. He started his own private sports consulting business - where he did one-on-one in-person advising and consults to some of the consistent high rollers in Las Vegas. During this period he considered selling his selections to the mass public but was always worried about the notion of 'touts' and the stigma that surrounded the many sports services that occupy the betting community. He knew he could break the ceiling of a 70% win rate if he could garner better source information.

But Bob was always a little particular about who he trusted enough to get information from. He knew that competition was fierce and disinformation was becoming a powerful tool in the betting industry. It wasn't until a chance meeting with a BOC Sports employee at a mutual friend's house warming party that he would ultimately find Carlos and our team. Not surprisingly, Carlos had heard of Bob's abilities at the sportsbooks some years earlier. We realized instantly that this is someone we'd want in our stable of handicappers (although Bob refutes that title and refers to himself more of a 'predictive statistician'). He's now getting the valued information under our umbrella to up his win rate rather dramatically. Bob returned to the halls of academe to obtain his data analytics doctorate in and continues to do private consulting with BOC Sports.

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