Jon Hickman
Ride This Streak! Jon has now won in 11 of the last 13 weeks in basketball hitting close to 69% in the NBA.
Jon Hickman


Jon was born in Amherst New Jersey where he discovered the TRS-80 computer at his local Radio Shack in 1977 (yes, these were the days when you wrote, saved and loaded programs on your computer with cassette tapes). His Grandfather bought him his first computer in 1978 after Jon was spending more time at the store playing with the demo version of the computer than at home - and skipping school. As time went on, Jon went further into the tools of computing, being tapped for a job at a national laboratory and working with cray assembly language (CAL) and binary coding of some modern computer chips (in other words, Jon used to write the code for making those little chips in your computer talk to each other). Jon helped develop numerical integration programs, and worked in systems architecture for some of the first large scale servers employed in U.S. based businesses for about 10 years.

During his free time, he specialized in predictive models for everything from stock market fluctuations to Presidential campaigns. One day, a friend asked Jon if his predictive models could be implemented for Fantasy Football (his friend's favorite past time). Jon, of course, saw the amount of athletes far exceeded a political arena and decided this was the ultimate challenge. He struggled immensely the first year, but was able to win his friend the first place prize of $37,743 the next season (which his friend split with Jon).

He briefly launched a sports data company that provided white label feeds to some of the biggest fantasy sites on the web. This company was bought out just 2 years after launch. This gave Jon the time (and resources) to focus back on his sports predictive models.

Taking his fantasy models one step forward, he began to develop more advanced models for grouping players from the same team versus a group of players from an opposing team to predict the outcomes of those events. He found great success early on with accuracy of 73%, something unheard of in the sports betting world. After several years however, that percentage has leveled off slightly, but still hovering around 68.5%, still a tremendous rate.

Truth be told, Jon's not even a huge sports fan past being a Giants season ticket holder.

Jon won't mind us saying that he was a tough fish to catch for BOC. Jon goes his own way and sets trends rather than be one to follow them. He lives a lifestyle of a bachelor, often staying up absurdly late writing line after line of code. Jon's favorite quote, which he coined himself is "I never want it to be a gamble."

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