Kevin Pulliphrone
Kevin's Basketball Picks Are Hitting 69.7% L4 Yrs.
Kevin Pulliphrone


Kevin lost his heart at an early age to Baseball when his father took him to Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Since that fateful day, Kevin has been a possessed individual with the game of pro Baseball. He made every attempt to play the game, doing well in his high school games as shortstop. During his senior year he was scouted by some of the top college teams in the nation, but did significant damage to his rotator cuff in an away game when he collided with another player. Not to be put off the sport he so dearly loved, later that year his Uncle, (through marriage only) and professional gambler, introduced him to sports wagering. He soon took all the tenacity of his on-field play and applied it to analysis of his not only his beloved sport, but Basketball, Football and even Hockey. His results even astounded his Uncle when in his first year he went 128 wins and 72 losses, and grew his $1500.00 bankroll into almost $16K. Since that time, Kevin has revised his tactics and honed his amazing skill at picking winners – and now shares his Uncle’s title of professional gambler (his only income) for the past 23 years.

Kevin amazed us because he's not only so good at picking solid consistent winners - but we at BOC refer to him as the 'Sports Nostradamus' (after the famous 14th century physician and reputed "seer"). Keven not only can pick winners, but can also predict player moves like nothing we've ever seen (and even some trades that nobody saw coming). This uncanny ability also applies to one of the most important factors in sports handicapping - figuring the dynamic of injuries and who picks up the slack and how the game plan changes. Kevin has shown us many times that he's capable of predicting team responses down to the letter - which makes him deadly to the sportsbooks. Dr. Bob Escertia brought Kevin on board with BOC sports after hearing him talking to a fellow patron about sports betting in a popular sports bar & grill. Talk about your chance meetings - the two struck up a conversation and have been close friends for 6 years. When we asked Dr. Bob who was his pick as someone he felt was his, the first name out of his mouth was Kevin Pulliphrone.

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