Todd Emmett
Todd's picks are red hot in basketball winning in 12 of the last 14 weeks and have hit over 70% in College hoops.
Todd Emmett


Todd is a lifelong football fan (to say the least, you should see his house – it’s awash in more football memorabilia than you could shake a stick at) and has been betting football since 1997 when he was laid off of his job as a network systems administrator with a major financial firm – when his job was outsourced. Todd then tore after his dream of being a professional sports bettor and supporting his wife and 3 children through his earnings. Todd learned the hard way – he had no choice but to find a way to win or his family would pay the ultimate price (being a proud man, he refused to have that happen). He became a student of the trade, studying every trend, stat, and analysis he could get his hands on – looking for any advantages he could uncover. He even tried a few sports handicapping services. He soon found that he did much better on his own, but the time tied up in pursuit of winning was demanding as he worked at it almost 14 hours a day. But, with time and trial comes experience – and he soon began to recognize in all that data, what it takes to make really sharp plays.

Todd is a machine when it comes to devouring sports information and can recall the smallest fact of games played decades ago. It's almost scary. But that kind of recall is invaluable when it comes down to facts to be considered in sports wagering. Todd is probably our most seasoned handicapper, and amazingly enough, Todd came to us - even though we were aware of him, he was otherwise tied up with another firm where he was one of their top level handicappers. Out of the blue one day Todd decided to make a move to BOC sports where we welcomed him immediately. He remains an integral part of the BOC team, still picking the games that no one sees coming.

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