BOC Sports

Over ten years of consistent winning picks from a hand-selected team of expert handicappers and information specialists have placed immense pressure on the sports books, forcing odd makers to think twice about their decades-long method of creating lines. Bettors placing $100/$200 wagers have earned over half a million dollars using our information over the past decade. Our results speak for themselves.

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The Elite Program

The team behind BOC Sports’ Elite Program consists of a variety of seasoned sharps, each with their own unique approach to picking a game, from the classic to the novel. While these handicappers offer their own individual expertise, it is by working together to find a consensus that value is consistently found for bettors. Value that equates to winning wagers and consistent ROI.

The Elite Program can be purchased at 1-800-849-6617 with current pricing set at $5000 for a season. For more detailed information and first time buyer discounted opportunities, please contact us.

The Private Client Group

The Private Client Group is designed to give our players the best possible opportunity to maximize their profit while allowing their bankroll to absorb the risk as opposed to their personal finances. Most clients wager in the $1,000-$10,000 range, but for serious investors who wager less, accommodations can be made assuming they are willing to increase their wager size as their bankroll grows.

The Private Client Group is available by application only. Please contact us to begin the process.

Program Records

The following data is the results of our Football Elite Program since we went public in 2010.

Profit Statistics Season
+$61,942 89-42 (67.9%) 2010
+$51,889 83-45 (64.8%) 2011
+$64,402 97-45 (68.3%) 2012
+$47,523 79-38 (67.5%) 2013
+$52,439 85-46-1 (64.9%) 2014
+$53,754 95-51-2 (65.1%) 2015
+$50,724 84-46 (64.6%) 2016
+$46,637 78-39 (66.7%) 2017
+$51,278 103-57 (64.4%) 2018
+$48,458 115-64 (64.2%) 2019
+$52,241 117-66 (63.9%) 2020
+$55,719 124-71 (63.6%) 2021