Carl Salazar
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Carl Salazar

BOC Sports

After years of watching one of the nation’s top betting syndicates ride his back to millions of dollars in profits using his sophisticated and highly accurate quantitative models, Carl Salazar made the difficult decision to part ways.

"The decision was based mostly due to the egos of the controlling partners than for financial reasons," say Carl.

In 2010, Carl went public and BOC Sports was born.

BOC Sports' approach to prognosticating sports has forced odds makers to think twice about their decades long method of creating lines. The pressure that Carl and his associates have put on the Las Vegas and offshore sportsbooks has been immense.

"I can say with confidence that Carl has definitely changed the landscape of the sports betting industry," says a top industry insider whose name has been withheld for confidentiality reasons.

Over the years, as BOC Sports has risen in fame, additional experts have joined the team. Recruiting a team of sharp and relatively unknown outsiders of the industry has allowed Carl to continue to refine his data models, keeping the odds makers on their heels.

This has accumulated into record profits for investors. Since 2010, $100/$200 bettors have earned over $300K in profits.

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Program Records

The following data is the results of our Football Consensus program since we went public in 2010.

Profit Statistics Season
+$61,942 89-42 (67.9%) 2010
+$51,889 83-45 (64.8%) 2011
+$64,402 97-45 (68.3%) 2012
+$47,523 79-38 (67.5%) 2013
+$52,439 85-46-1 (64.9%) 2014
+$53,754 95-51-2 (65.1%) 2015
+$50,724 84-46 (64.6%) 2016
+$46,637 78-39 (66.7%) 2017
+$51,278 103-57 (64.4%) 2018

The BOC Experts

Elite Picks Program

While investors can choose to purchase a single expert's picks, our Elite Picks program is the result of our in-house team of analysts finding the highest rated matches from all of our experts while eliminating conflicting sides. Carl then digs deeper as to why each expert liked their respective pick and whether it was based strictly from handicapping, or using their own models or analytics, pure information, or a combination of those factors.

Weighing these factors and vetting the quality of the information against his own sources, Carl releases them as the Elite Picks program. These results show the highest consistant ROI.

Rating System

The professional lineup of handicappers and information brokers at BOC Sports do not rate games like most other services. Rather, BOC Sports offers a more "focused fund approach" to maximize our clients portfolio.

As founder of BOC Sports, Carl Salazar says, “Why wager money on your 8th and 9th best picks when you can bet more on your top picks!" It's actually a simple concept, yet most sports bettors don't have the discipline to do this.

To offer advice to anyone evaluating which sports advisory service to invest your money in, whether it be BOC Sports or not, is to tread lightly when considering choosing a service based strictly off win percentage. As Carl says, “Percentage is secondary if you’re risking different amounts of money on picks. You could be 75% to the good and be upside down. Conversely, you could be 50%, yet having your most profitable season ever."

The best thing about every one of BOC Sports' lineup is that their actual percentages of units won vs risked is higher than their actual winning percentage, as indicated in their results over the years.